Significantly Reduce the Cost of a Breach. 

Extended Detection and Response for Your Enterprise

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Fidelis Elevate XDR

Detection, protection and rapid response to cyber threats. Fidelis Elevate automatically combines and correlates threat-type events across networks so that no matter how sophisticated cyber threats are, they are detected and blocked in real time so that protected information is not affected.

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Fidelis Network
Local network and cloud traffic analysis for any protocol, resource classification, cyber threat detection, rapid response and DLP

Fidelis Endpoint
Automatic detection and response at endpoint level as well as automation of traffic investigation tasks all in one agent.

Fidelis Deception
Automatic Prevention systems and automation of responses to possible attacks by creating layers and honeypot resources within the infrastructure.

Fidelis Cybersecurity solutions offer an extensive layer of protection at the following levels:

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