Omnipliance – Packet Capture Analytics for 1G, 10G, 40G

Savvius Omnipliances, industry-leading intelligent packet capture and analysis appliances, enable real-time and post-event analytics on distributed networks at up to 20 Gbps. Built on years of Savvius packet intelligence, Omnipliance gives IT engineers the power to resolve issues with network performance and connectivity, multi-segment latency, application performance, data and VoIP quality, and much, much more.


The Ominpliance Difference

Savvius Omnipliances mark an evolutionary step forward in network analysis, recording, and forensics. Compared to other network forensics solutions, they deliver:

More Power in a Smaller Footprint
The high-performance architecture of Omnipliances enables them to capture 1G, 10G, and faster line-rate data to disk with no data loss while consuming half the rack space of competitive solutions. Omnipliances deliver more comprehensive traffic capture and more analytical power while consuming less storage, less cooling, and less electrical power.

Greater Precision
Instead of simply collecting network statistics and flow data, Omnipliances capture complete network traffic for real-time monitoring and forensic analysis. Having access to every bit in every packet can be invaluable when investigating security attacks, troubleshooting voice or video over IP traffic, or verifying online transactions.

Better Price/Performance
Omnipliances provide superior power and precision at a price significantly lower than other network forensics products, especially those that require significant external storage to keep up with today’s high-speed networks.